Jan 13th Network Down

We are currently experiencing an issue at our North American BHS datacenter. Please rest assure we are currently working on the issue and we hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.  Our network administrators are currently investigating the case and will work as fast as possible to get this issue fixed.we apologize for the inconvenience, ... Read More »

Jan 12th Win1 Server Blocked By ISP

ISP has blocked your server IP for abusing other servers for Spamming. We are trying to activate the server, and cannot predict a time for this task.

Jan 11th Win1 Server Migration Scheduled

We need to upgrade the hardware of Win1 Server and also moving to another data center, so the task scheduled on 26th January 2017. All the Ips will be change. All the details regarding migration will be update on our announcement page.

Jan 7th Scheduled Maintenance in All Linux Shared Servers

07/01/2016 20:00

Maintaincene for All Linux Shared Servers Started.

First We started the Maintainence of Linux 8

1. Rack Migration Completed.
2. Switch Migrated & Connectivity Upgraded to 40 Gbps Dedicated Leased Line.
3. OS & Patches Updated.

Jan 7th Linux8 Server Down

20:00 -> Everything is fine now. All the services are correctly and smoothly.=========================================================18:00 -> Server up and websites also in online. But still our technicians are working on it and we will here once its completes all the tasks.=========================================================12:45 ... Read More »

Jan 5th Whm/Cpanel License Error

Whm/Cpanel for VPS Licenses have some errors. We already reported the case to cpanel officials and cpanel technicians is working on it. We got their initial reply and they requested to us for a 24 hours time to solve this errors.

We will update here once its completed.

Jan 2nd New Product: PBN Hosting

New Product: Linux PBN Hosting Started.

We Offer C class IP blocks. Which mean that we can only provide an entire subnet within the last octet of the netmask (


Jan 2nd Scheduled Maintenance in All Linux Shared Servers

Scheduled Maintenance in All Linux Shared ServersFollowing Tasks are scheduled.1. Rack Migration in Data Center.2. Switch Migration & Connectivity Upgradation to 40 Gbps Dedicated Port3. Upgradation of  Hardwares in Linux1, Linux5 & Linux8 Servers.4. OS & Patches Updations.5. Cloud Linux Updations6. Updations of EasyApache 3 to ... Read More »

Jan 1st Win1 Server Restart

Windows1 Server Restarted for OS updations

Dec 29th ISP Blocked win1 Server

30/12/2016 11:15Now all the process are completed and randomly we checked the websites, all websites are working correctly. Resellers please check their websites and inform us if any error occured.========================================================30/12/2016 10:30After restoration some websites  not working due to database connectivity ... Read More »

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