Microsoft revises the prices of infrastructure products

Microsoft revises the prices of infrastructure products in the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program every year. Due to this, the prices of all SKU's using Microsoft licenses (OS, MS-SQL, RDP, MS-Excel etc.) will increase from 1st February 2022.

22nd Jan 2022
New cPanel installations/updates are failing

While installing or updating cPanel, you may encounter errors like the following. cpanel-plugins/x86_64/filelist FAILEDhttp:// [Errno 14] HTTP Error 500 - Internal Server ErrorTrying other ... Read More »

21st Jan 2022
Restart Scheduled

Restart Scheduled on Win1 Server


Scheduled Time: 14/01/2022 23:00 Hrs [IST]


Expected Down Time: 15 to 30 Minutes.


14th Jan 2022
Maintenance: DirectAdmin-Linda1 Server

11/01/2022 13:10 Hrs[IST]   Added 10 Days Extra Validity for all existing  and new customer hosted on this server. ============================================================================= 07/01/2022 15:00 Hrs [IST]   All the errors are fixed and all the services are up ... Read More »

7th Jan 2022
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