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Clients are the Key to Success Behind every business, clients are the key to success. Hence, more traffic means more business. Understanding the importance of clients, traffic generators have been introduced to get more traffic. More traffic generators mean more visitors which can eventually turn into potential leads.

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Types of Traffic

Organic Traffic

Manual Way: This is a manual way to bring more traffic by using SEO tools and techniques, high-quality and fresh content having rich keywords that help in improving your website’s rank on search engines like Yahoo, Gmail, Bing, etc. This increases the chances of bringing more traffic as it gets fresh and relevant content users are looking for.

Traffic Generation Using Social Media

Continuous postings of microblogs keep interaction between clients and you continued. This helps in engaging clients that in the future can turn into potential leads.

Non-Organic Traffic

As the name says, it is a non-manual way of advertising and involves some investment. In this, we use different platforms software such as Google Adwords, Sponsorships or campaigns, etc for promotion. We purchase targeted keywords from Google Adwords which will automatically pop up your advertisement on search engines. You have to pay per click in this Non-Organic traffic method. It is mostly used by many businesses to expand and increase traffic on their websites.

Traffic Generation with Hostmalabar

Traffic generation is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of money and effort. We at Hostmalabar are the best guide to help you in traffic generation at a reasonable price. You can also opt for our plans that will be beneficial to you and your business in every way. So, expand your client reach with the best traffic generator service by Hostmalabar. We ensure bringing more traffic through organic as well as non-organic ways which are a need for every business.

No. of Visitors 500+ 25000+ 50000+ 100000+ 200000+
Duration 24 Hours 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Time on Page 10 - 30 Seconds 10 - 30 Seconds 10 - 30 Seconds 10 - 30 Seconds 10 - 30 Seconds
Average Time on Page 10 - 20 Seconds 20 - 25 Seconds 20 - 25 Seconds 20 - 25 Seconds 20 - 25 Seconds
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Rs. 1400/m


Rs. 3000/m

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