Aug 17th Plesk Updating to 17.8 in Win1 Server

Plesk Updating to 17.8 in Win1 Server. During this period Plesk panel will not be accessable.

From this update tomcat will not available on this server

Aug 15th Restart Scheduled on All windows Servers

Restart Scheduled on All windows Servers for Monthly Updations.

Start Time: 16/08/2018 13:00[IST]
End Time: 16/08/2018 13:30[IST]

Expected Down Time: 10 to 15 Minutes.

Aug 15th Our Website Maintainence Scheduled.

Our Website Maintainence Scheduled. During this period website will work, but the client area will be in maintainence mode.

Start Time: 12/09/2018, 09:00 AM [IST]

End Time: 12/09/2018, 11:30 AM [IST]

Aug 15th Support Delay

All Support will delay due to natural calamity in kerala. We are facing power and internet connectivity issues at our Kochi office.

Aug 1st Stop Support for Centos 6 & Cloud Linux 6

On November 30, 2020, CloudLinux™ will stop supporting CloudLinux™ 6 on all systems, including your server. At that time CloudLinux™ will no longer provide bug, security, or feature updates. We encourage you to migrate to a server using CloudLinux™ 7 before November 30, 2020.

Jul 12th Win1 Server Restart Scheduled.

Win1 Server Restart Scheduled for Monthly patch and software updations.

Start Time: 12/7/2018 22:00[IST]
End Time 12/7/2018 22:10[IST]

Expected Down Time: 10 Minutes.

Jul 5th Bulk SMS Service Temporarily Unavailable

Bulk SMS Service Temporarily Unavailable. Existing customers can use it without any issue. We will restart bulk sms service soon.

Jun 27th Support Delay

All supports will be delay due to non connectivity of internet on our Kochi Office.

Problem Started From: 27/06/2018 21:30

Expected Time to solve : 28:06/2018 13:00

Jun 21st cPanel Core Services Outage - 6/21/2018

21/06/2018 19:30Its Fixed.========================================================= This morning at approximately 12:05AM Central US time, some of our core systems experienced technical difficulties that rendered them inoperable. This outage affects a few core components of the services we provide, including the ability to login to our ticket ... Read More »

Jun 19th Bulk SMS Service Temporarily Unavailable

Bulk SMS Service Temporarily Unavailable due to bulk orders and some technical issues. We will restart it soon. Existing clients can continue with same panel.

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