Per Ticket Plan

Per Ticket Plan

Server Security, Optimization And Hardening

Our technical team members are experts in securing your servers. We will configure and tweak your server with the best security software and tools.

Per Ticket Price No of Tickets Price Per Moth Place Order
$4 or Rs. 280 10 [L1 & L2 Only] $40 or Rs. 2658 ORDER NOW!
$3 or Rs. 200 25 [L1 & L2 Only] $75 or Rs. 4985 ORDER NOW!
$1.5 or Rs.140 100 [L1 & L2 Only] $150 or Rs. 9970 ORDER NOW!

One Time Support

No of Tickets Price Per Ticket Place Order
1 [L1 & L2 Only] $10 or Rs. 680 ORDER NOW!
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