Node Server Migration Scheduled: Parnode1(OpenVz)

Node Server Migration Scheduled: Parnode1(OpenVz)


Start Time: 25/01/2021 01:00 Hrs [IST]


End Time: 26/01/2021 23:45 Hrs [IST]


Expected Down: 2 to 3 Hours.


31st Dec 2020
Maintenance -: Linr1

Maintenance scheduled


Server Name: Linr1

Start Time: 22/12/2020 23:00


End Time: 23/12/2020 01:00


Expected Down Time: 10 to 30  Minutes (Only for Cpanel Services)


No Downtime for Websites




22nd Dec 2020
Unavailability of Support Team or Delay in Support

Please note that our Support team will be unavailable for the following duration :     From:   Monday 14th November 2020 08:00 Hrs[IST] To:  Monday 14th November 2020 21:00 Hrs[IST] Duration  13 Hours     Kindly raise a Support request in case of any issue or concern and we shall get back to you with ... Read More »

14th Dec 2020