Support Delay on April 25th & 26th, 2024, Due to Lok Sabha Election in Kerala

  • Tuesday, 23rd April, 2024
  • 13:03pm

I am writing to bring to your attention a temporary delay in our support services scheduled for April 25th & 26th, 2024. On this date, Kerala will be conducting the Lok Sabha elections, a significant democratic event requiring the focused attention and participation of our staff.


In anticipation of this event, we foresee a reduction in workforce availability, potentially resulting in delays in responding to support inquiries during this period. We extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Please be assured that we are implementing measures to mitigate the impact on our services and prioritize urgent matters.


We kindly request your understanding and patience during this time. Our team is committed to addressing your concerns promptly once regular operations resume.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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