Dear Customer/Resellers,

The Datacenter in EU-West is having some emergency maintenance as some of our servers got blocked in firewall and unable to ping from outside. 10 servers out of our 33 servers in EU-West datacenter was having issues. 


The problem started at 16:53 IST.  Following are the server names and the rectification status.

1. rectified by 6:35  pm IST

2. rectified by 6:40  Pm IST

3. -- rectified by 6:28 pm IST

4. rectified by 6:45 pm IST

5. -- rectified by 6:20 pm IST

6. rectified by 6:45 pm IST

7. rectified by 6:45 pm IST

8. rectified by 6:35 pm IST

10.  -- rectified by 6:20 pm IST


All the other servers are working fine. If you face problems in any of the other servers, please inform us.


Friday, November 19, 2021

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