Dear Anoop,

As you may have heard, the registry will be increasing prices for .XYZ domains starting on September 1, 2021. Unfortunately, this means that all registrars, along with NameSilo, will need to do the same


Here is some information pertaining to these changes that you will want to know:

1 - New Prices - our new prices for .XYZ domain(s) will be as follows:

Everyday registration of new .XYZ domain: $9.95 USD per year. However, please note that the current promotional price of $0.99 on new standard registrations will continue as planned through December 31, 2021.

Renewal of .XYZ domain: $9.95 USD per year

Transfer of .XYZ domain: $9.49 USD per domain

2 - Timelines - these new prices will go into effect starting September 1, 2021

3 - Mitigation - to help you mitigate these increases as much as possible, we are advising you renew all the .XYZ domain(s) you wish to keep before September 1st in order to renew at the current prices.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

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